About us

Established in 2019

At the conclusion of 39 years of continuous employment with CompAir and having decided to remain in Kenya, I establishedĀ  CompressionĀ  Services Group Ltd (CSG Ltd) in 2019

During my service with CompAir, I was responsible for distributors in 54 countries, Europe, Middle East, Near East and Europe.

At the conclusion of 39 years of continuous employment with CompAir, my final posting was distribution manager West and East Africa based in Kenya.

Having decided to remain in Kenya I established CompressionĀ  Services Group Ltd (CSG Ltd) and in 2019 I was offered the opportunity to represent CompAir.

Notwithstanding cultural differences the core foundations which constitute a good distributor are the same.

  • Integrity
  • Understanding customersā€™ needs
  • Accessibility
  • Flexibility
  • Listening

Genuine Parts

One of the major challenges in the market is pirated parts and lubricant being sold as genuine.

CSG Ltd guarantees that ONLY genuine parts and lubricant will be offered / supplied.

As the exclusive distributor we offer iConn remote monitoring. This is a device which relays information from the compressor to selected mobile devices.

In addition CSG Ltd has rolled out ASSURED extended warranty.

CompAir delivers high quality products with German engineering and it is critical that the appointed service providers, such as CSG Ltd delivers service of an equally high standard.

We look forward to your business.

Chris Goldsworthy

cEO, compression Services Group Ltd.


To be the preferred supplier and servicer of high quality compressed air related products in the East Africa region.


To provide companies the opportunity toĀ  reduce the energyĀ  costs of compressed air and improve their environmental footprint.

  • Demonstrate via techinical & technological advances how the cost of compressed air can be reduced.
  • Divert focus from cost of investment to cost of ownership.



  • We act with integrity,honesty and transparency.
  • We strive to achieve what’s best for our clients and our company through mutual and open collaboration.
  • We have zero tolerance for politics, hidden agendas and corruption.