Compressor Parts

Genuine compressor parts

Why buy genuine spare parts?

To guarantee reliability and performance, it is always best to use genuine spare parts. Genuine spare parts are parts that are specifically designed for your air compressor. They help to keep the integrity of your system intact, keeping your system protected and giving you the assurance you need.

Trust genuine spare parts for:

Total peace of mind

Why take the risk of using counterfeit spare parts? Spare parts that aren’t designed to suit your specific compressor could compromise the system as well as void warranty. For total peace of mind and for continued reliability and security – always use genuine.

Guaranteed performance

Optimal performance can only be achieved by using high-quality parts. They keep your compressor running smoothly and give you the results that you desire.

Increased efficiency

The most important factor in any air compressor installation is efficiency. Buying genuine parts will help to improve the overall efficiency of your compressor by optimising performance and ensuring the integral parts of the compressor are performing as expected.

Decreased downtime

Using the wrong parts could put your installation at risk of breakdown. This means a loss of time and money for your business. Buying genuine helps to mitigate this risk and decrease any downtime that would be needed in the unfortunate event of a breakdown.

Tested parts

Genuine parts will have passed strict endurance tests to ensure that they are in perfect condition and working order, protecting your investment.

Compressor filters

Genuine compressor air and oil filters keep contamination at bay within your compressor system, helping you to avoid any damage or performance loss created by corrosion. Replacement filters by CompAir have been specifically designed to allow the volume of air to flow freely into the compressor whilst still protecting the installation from dirt or dust particles. They have also been designed to withstand high operating pressures whilst still offering optimal performance and efficiency.

Replacement oil separators from CompAir offer an extremely low oil carryover. This offers better air quality and lower operating costs due to the lower amount of oil consumption. They also help to extend the service life of the machine.

Risks of buying non-genuine filters and separators:

  • Risk of fire which poses serious health and safety risks.
  • Reduced airflow which may result in higher energy costs.
  • Distortion of the filter’s seal.
  • Loss of lubricant caused by carry-over resulting in higher oil consumption.
  • Your warranty may become void, meaning your installation is not insured or protected.

Service Kits

CompAir service kits provide you with all the parts you need in one single box. They are a fantastic cost-effective maintenance solution as they reduce time wasted finding, ordering and waiting on parts to arrive.

CompAir service kits contain only genuine spare parts, guaranteeing quality, performance and reliability.

Oils & Lubricants

As well as compressor parts, compressor oils and lubricants play a huge role in the function of lubricated rotary screw compressors. Cheaper alternatives for compressor oil can often be found easily but they can be risky, leading to costly repairs and inefficient performance.

Genuine compressor oils supplied by CompAir include:

Fluid Force 4000 Hours

Formulated with specific base oils and additives designed to optimise performance in oil-injected compressors, the Fluid Force oil exceeds operating requirements.

Fluid Force Food Grade

This odourless and tasteless lubricant is specifically designed for use in the food and beverage industry. It is non-toxic and ensures peace of mind for industries who have sensitive requirements.


Designed specifically for portable screw compressors within the CompAir range, this lubricant is manufactured to withstand the harshest operating requirements.

Please watch this video which demonstrates the issues faced by using non genuine parts:


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