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As authorized CompAir Distributors, we are your preferred supplier for genuine CompAir compressor parts,
with Assure Warranty Cover.
Why do Companies use non-genuine service items?
  • Availability: Pirated parts and lubricant easily accessible in the market.
  • Pricing: Generally lower than original parts, pitch pricing slightly lower than genuine parts.
  • Deception: Pirated items branded as being genuine.
  • They fit: Unaware about the potential negatives installing non genuine service parts and lubricant.
  • Incentivised: Unethical trading practices.

Our Warranty Cover


 Assure™ provides an extended warranty cover on your compressor for:

  • up to 44,000 operating hours or 6 years (which ever is the soonest),
  • 10 years/44,000 hours on the air end (whichever is the soonest)

           Free of charge. Free of worry


We serve a wide range of industries

Food & Beverage

Be it pies or pizzas, bottled water or beer, our oil-free compressor range will ensure a reliable supply of high quality air.


Towable and portable air compressors are popular pieces of equipment on many construction sites across the world. Compressed air is used to power pneumatic tools.


Compressed air is an essential energy source, with up to 70% of industries using it for some aspect of their operations.


Maintaining product purity is a must and strigent quality controls ensure manufacturers provide the highest quality chemicals to their customers.


A sterile environment is essential in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, only 100% oil-free clean room compressors are suitable for compressed air production.


Sensitive, high technology equipment is used to manufacture electronic components. This is a large capital investment for any operator This air must be oil-free — no question.


There are many uses for compressed air throughout a variety of general applications that demand not only the highest quality compressed air, but also increased efficiency.


Whether it is spraying cars with paint or assembling them with air tools, the automotive industry relies on compressors to provide a high-quality finish.