Lubricated Screw Compressors 160 – 250 kW

Fixed & Regulated Speed L160 to L250

By listening to our customer’s needs and wishes, and incorporating the latest technology and design concepts, CompAir has delivered an impressive range of compressors featuring higher free air delivery, new compact footprint, lower noise levels, new split radial cooling fan design, new controller, and many more features besides.

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This exciting new range of gear and direct drive compressors delivers up to 12% more compressed air with the same kW motor. The outstanding reliability makes these machines the preferred choice for large capacity applications.

Customers can gain maximum energy efficiency improvements with the new, premium efficiency inverter fitted in the RS variable speed machines, which can reduce running costs by up to 35%.

  • Premium airend providing high reliability
  • Automatic motor lubrication system for optimum protection
  • Low installation costs thanks to the compact design
  • High quality air
  • Safe and economical operation
  • Excellent accessibility contributing to the low maintenance costs


The compact design of the compressor avoids unnecessary service costs. Therefore all components are designed for a long service life. A large oil cooler keeps the system temperatures low, lowers the pressure drop and enhances the oil, filters and seals life. The optimum cooling is achieved by a large surface after cooler and therefore provides low discharge temperatures. The proven airend delivers high performance and reliability.


Delcos XL innovative touch-screen compressor controller

The multilingual control system ensures safe and reliable operation and protects operators’ investment by continuously monitoring the operational parameters which is essential for reducing costs of ownership. The Delcos XL is extremely user-friendly and self-explanatory. With the ability to display detailed system analysis in the form of trend diagrams and graphs operating parameters can be precisely set to maximise the efficiency.

Delcos xl compressor controller

Features and Functions:

  • Home page offering instant overview of the compressor status
  • Trend diagrams
  • Real time clock for pre setting of the compressor
  • Start / Stop
  • Second pressure setting
  • Fault history log
  • Remote control via programmable inputs
  • Auto restart after power failure
  • SD card to store various run characteristics

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