Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressor 7 – 22 kW

CompAir L07 – L22, RS

The design concept is based on absolute reliability and flexibility. This range incorporates the latest technological advances and components which are designed for long service life to offer operators total piece of mind. The availability of a wide range of different version and options makes them suitable for almost all applications. This ranges from additional regulated speed models, receiver mounted versions including refrigerant dryer (Airstation) and integrated heat recovery option.

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  • High reliability and high quality compressed air
  • Easy operation and easy installation
  • High flexibility
  • Small footprint
  • Energy efficient fully integrated airend design
  • Low maintenance costs


The advanced design of the high efficiency airend allows operation at low rotational speeds, and consequently lowers the energy costs. The innovative integrated design, including oil separation, oil filter and thermostatic bypass valve, reduces the number of external hoses and components offering excellent reliability. The compressors are equipped with an energy saving IE 3 electric motor with reduced CO2 emissions. As the compressors offer low noise levels they can be placed at the point of use.


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