iConn Smart compressor service 4.0

Why iConn?

iConn monitoring supplies compressed air users with comprehensive machine data in real time, which is required for precise production planning and to protect their investment.

  • Technicians alert you to alarms and possible issues before you know there is an issue
  • Stay in touch with your compressed air. Anytime. Anywhere.

iConn is leading the way in pro-active, realtime monitoring – for total peace of mind!

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Monitoring without additional investment cost

  • The operating hours are monitored
  • Any fault warning gets immediately pushed by email and is saved including last 30 mins of data
  • iConn is universal
  • Any brand connected for FREE
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iConn HD Subscription-based charge

  • Upgrading to iConn HD provides additional features, including predictive maintenance planning with an “Early Alert System” for machine faults
  • Live minute by minute monitoring of all data points
  • Predictive analytics – historical analysis is possible
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iConn Energy & iConn Flow

  • Two Additional options can be added to iConn HD – “Flow” & “Energy”
  • HD Flow uses sensors for measurement of certain operating parameters such as the temperature, pressure and volume flow 
  • HD Energy provides information on energy consumption
  • Measure amps, volts, power factor plus temperature and pressure

iConn allows you to stay in touch with your compressed air – anytime, anywhere – for increased efficiency, productivity and protection.

iConn - Connecting With the Future - video presentation


To be the preferred supplier and servicer of high quality compressed air related products in the East Africa region.


To provide companies the opportunity to  reduce the energy  costs of compressed air and improve their environmental footprint.

  • Demonstrate via techinical & technological advances how the cost of compressed air can be reduced.
  • Divert focus from cost of investment to cost of ownership.



  • We act with integrity,honesty and transparency.
  • We strive to achieve what’s best for our clients and our company through mutual and open collaboration.
  • We have zero tolerance for politics, hidden agendas and corruption.