Two Stage Oil Free Variable Speed Centrifugal Compressors-Quantima


CompAir’s oil-free two-stage variable speed centrifugal compressors are the best compressed air insurance you can get. Air purity is critical for many applications where even the smallest drop of oil can cause product spoilage, or damage the production equipment.

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Perfect control and performance

The specially developed Q-master compressor controller provides comprehensive control and protection of the compressor’s operation. It incorporates a touch screen panel as well as intuitive navigation and menu structure for easy-to-use operation. It includes sophisticated control methodology and surge calibration, designed to minimise energy consumption.quantima controller schema

  • Colour touch screen
  • Setting of all compressor parameters
  • Temperatures and pressure display
  • Automatic data logging
  • Fault memory and diagnostics
  • Remote monitoring via customer Ethernet, Modbus RTU via RS485 or direct hardware input
  • Predictive maintenance

Technical Data