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The convincing concept for condensate discharge

The electronically level-controlled condensate drains from CompAir are the industrial standard for reliable cost-effective condensate drainage.

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Our electronic condensate drains are designed to work for compressed air and industrial gases. They are especially and significantly designed to work in conjunction with compressed air filters, refrigeration dryers, wet air receivers and after coolers to reduce compressed air leaks. The end result is saving money.

There is great flexibility in having these drains available as stand-alone equipment. They can be installed quickly as and when needed and they require very little maintenance. However, condensate draining equipment should not be considered as an optional afterthought. It is more than a nice feature to have in a well equipped air compressor set-up. The best compressed air system, comprising of the highest quality compressors, dryers and filters, still needs to have the condensate discharged.

Without condensate treatment, your compressed air system can end up providing an inconsistent supply of dry air. With condensate, there is a high likelihood of production problems occurring. This can include rust and corrosion and in cold weather there is the possibility of freezing.

While heat recovery ventilation reduces the formation of condensation, it is designed to extract the heat before condensation in the atmosphere. It does not treat condensation. An efficient and smart air solution is more than a line of high-quality compressors. It is a combination of air generation, filtering, drying, condensation and purification expertise and products.

There are different applications of cleaning services that can be required to provide the protection needed. It also happens that during the process of compressing air, the condensate is compressed and discharged at elevated temperatures in a saturated state. As the air cools through aftercoolers, dryers, or pipelines, the steam condensate turns into a liquid form which then mixes with any normal oil carryover from the compressor. The condensate becomes contaminated by the oil and must be treated before expelling it into a sewer system or onto the ground. The oil must be separated from the condensate and only the condensate can be expelled. The oil must be reclaimed and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.

In every compressed air system, water is the single largest contaminant and often the most obvious. Removing this liquid condensate from the system can be a high energy consuming area if not managed correctly. We have different products available to meet your commercial needs.